XLamp MT-G EasyWhite

Optimized for Small-Form-Factor Directional Lighting

The XLamp MT-G EasyWhite LED is optimized for high-output, small-form-factor, directional-lighting applications, such as LED-based MR retrofit bulbs, accent, track and down lighting. Featuring Cree EasyWhite® technology, the XLamp MT-G LED delivers consistent color in a small, highly efficient package that can enable true halogen performance in small, thermally constrained designs. The industry's first LED to be binned for luminous flux and chromaticity at 85°C, the MT-G LED can be driven to much higher currents in less constrained designs, achieving up to 1670 lumens at 25 W at 85°C in warm-white (3000-K) color temperatures.

XLamp MT-G LEDs are now available in brighter bins, high CRI and new color temperatures both in 6-V and 36-V options. The MT-G LED is now more than 10 percent brighter, allowing customers to extend existing MT-G designs, and enable new applications traditionally supported by halogen light sources. The new higher-CRI MT-G LEDs enable customers to address applications such as retail and restaurant lighting where high CRI and lighting uniformity are required. All MT-G LEDs are available in 6-V or 36-V forward voltage options.

Size 8.9 x 8.9 mm
Product Options 6 V
36 V
Maximum Drive Current 4 A (6 V)
0.7 A (36 V)
Maximum Power 25 W
Maximum Light Output 1950 lm
Maximum Efficacy at Binning Conditions 114 lm/W
Typical Forward Voltage 5.6 V @ 1.1 A (6 V)
33.5 V @ 185 mA (36 V)
Maximum Reverse Voltage -5 V
Maximum Reverse Current 0.1 mA
Viewing Angle 120 °
Maximum Junction Temperature 150 °C
Binning 85°C
2- and 4-Step EasyWhite®
Maximum ESD Withstand Voltage 8000 V (HBM per Mil-Std-883D)
Reflow Solderable Yes - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
RoHS-Compliant Yes
REACH-Compliant Yes
UL-Recognized Yes - Level 4 Enclosure Consideration


CRI Color Temperature (K)
2700, 3000 3500, 4000, 5000
Min 85  
Min 90  

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