LEDs Optimized for Your Lighting Applications

Click on the examples below to find the right LEDs and LED modules for your lighting needs

LED Indoor Applications

Indoor Lighting

Cree LEDs and LED modules are optimized for indoor-lighting applications, including non-directional, directional, downlight, distributed, low- and high-bay.

LED Non-Directional Lighting Non-Directional
  • A&E replacement lamps
  • chandeliers
  • floor lamps
  • vanity fixtures
  • sconces
  • table lamps
LED Indoor Directional Lighting Directional
  • MR & PAR replacement lamps
  • accent
  • track
  • spot
LED Downlights Downlights
  • recessed
  • can
  • pendants
  • surface-mount
LED Distributed and Linear Lighting Distributed
  • under-cabinet
  • T8 replacements
  • retail display 
  • wall-wash 
  • refrigerated display
Low and High Bay LED Lighting Low- & High-Bay
  • manufacturing lighting
  • warehouse lighting
  • distribution-center lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Cree delivers lighting-class LEDs and LED modules that are optimized for outdoor-lighting applications including roadway, parking, exterior area and landscape lighting.

LED Street Lighting Roadway & Parking
  • tunnel 
  • parking garage
  • roadway 
  • street
Exterior Area LEDs Exterior Area
  • wall packs
  • post tops
  • bollards
  • coach
  • security
  • exterior sconces
Landscape LEDs Landscape
  • spot
  • pathway
  • step
LED Colored Light Applications

Colored Light

Cree color LEDs are optimized for color lighting applications, including transportation, entertainment and architectural lighting.

LED Architectural Lighting Architectural
  • exterior structure 
  • fountain 
  • pool 
LED Entertainment Lighting Entertainment
  • studio
  • stage
Transportation LEDs Vehicle
  • tractor-trailer
  • aftermarket auto
  • emergency vehicle
LED Display Lighting


Cree High-Brightness LEDs are optimized for your display applications, including channel letters, full-color video screens and monochrome signs.

LED Channel Letter Lighting Channel Letters
  • logo signs
Full Color Indoor LEDs Full-Color Indoor Video
  • score boards
  • retail display
LED Full Color Outdoor Screen Full-Color Outdoor Video
  • billboards
  • scoreboards
Single Color LEDs Single-Color Signs
  • message boards
  • digital signs
  • scoreboards 
  • advertising backlighting
LED Transportation Lighting Roadway Signs
  • information
  • warning
Portable LEDs


Cree LEDs are optimized for portable-lighting applications, including consumer and high-end applications.

Portable Consumer LEDs Consumer Portable
  • flashlights / torches
  • head lamps
  • lanterns 
  • bike lights
High End Portable LEDs High-End Portable
  • tactical flashlights
  • head lamps
  • lanterns
  • weapon lights