LEDs Optimized for Your Lighting Applications

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LED Indoor Applications

Indoor Lighting

Available in a range of packages, color temperatures and CRI, Cree has the industry’s widest portfolio of lighting-class LED components that are optimized for indoor lighting.

LED Non-Directional Lighting Non-Directional
  • A&E replacement lamps
  • chandeliers
  • vanity fixtures
  • sconces
LED Indoor Directional Lighting Directional
  • MR & PAR replacement lamps
  • accent
  • track
  • spot
LED Downlights Downlights
  • recessed
  • can
  • pendants
  • surface-mount
LED Distributed and Linear Lighting Distributed
  • under-cabinet
  • T8 replacements
  • wall-wash 
  • refrigerated display
Low and High Bay LED Lighting Low- & High-Bay
  • manufacturing lighting
  • warehouse lighting
  • distribution-center lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Cree has the industry’s widest portfolio of lighting-class LED components optimized for outdoor lighting, delivering industry-leading lumen density, reliability and efficacy.

LED Street Lighting Roadway & Parking
  • tunnel 
  • parking garage
  • roadway 
  • street
Exterior Area LEDs Exterior Area
  • wall packs
  • post tops
  • bollards
  • coach
Landscape LEDs Landscape
  • spot
  • pathway
  • step
LED Colored Light Applications

Colored Light

Cree has the widest the industry’s largest portfolio of LED color solutions with a full spectrum of options for every major colored light application.

LED Architectural Lighting Architectural
  • exterior structure 
  • fountain 
  • pool 
LED Entertainment Lighting Entertainment
  • studio
  • stage
horticulture thumbnail Horticulture
  • Greenhouse
  • Vertical Farming
  • Supplemental
  • Interlighting
Transportation LEDs Vehicle
  • tractor-trailer
  • aftermarket auto
  • emergency vehicle
LED Display Lighting


Cree High-Brightness LEDs are optimized for your display applications, including channel letters, full-color video screens and monochrome signs.

LED Channel Letter Lighting Channel Letters
  • logo signs
Full Color Indoor LEDs Full-Color Indoor Video
  • score boards
  • retail display
LED Full Color Outdoor Screen Full-Color Outdoor Video
  • billboards
  • scoreboards
Gaming Application icon thumbnail Gaming
  • Pachinko machines
  • Slot machines
  • Video game machines
Single Color LEDs Single-Color Signs
  • message boards
  • digital signs
  • scoreboards 
  • advertising backlighting
LED Transportation Lighting Roadway Signs
  • information
  • warning
Portable LEDs


Cree offers a comprehensive portfolio of LEDs optimized for portable lighting, offering a range of performance to meet the needs of both consumer and high-end applications.

Portable Consumer LEDs Consumer Portable
  • flashlights / torches
  • head lamps
  • lanterns 
  • bike lights
High End Portable LEDs High-End Portable
  • tactical flashlights
  • head lamps
  • lanterns
  • weapon lights