At Cree, customer-driven innovation is nothing new. It has been our constant focus for nearly a quarter century. In that time, we've revolutionized the lighting industry by making high-quality, sustainable LED lighting affordable and easily available.

We've also grown into a fully integrated, leading lighting company, with more than a million of our flagship LED downlights installed around the globe and with the most installed outdoor luminaire run time of any manufacturer--more than one billion hours and counting.

Cree remains at the forefront today, developing new LED solutions that improve both our customers spaces and their bottom lines. As our product lines grow, we not only build on our history of innovation, we also extend our record of delivering superior value with beautiful, energy-efficient lighting.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

As consumer expectations evolve, so should the environment and experiences we offer them. Cree helps businesses overcome the challenges of an ever-more-demanding marketplace with a broad set of world-class LED fixtures that offer uncompromising performance, style and affordability.

Cree outdoor luminaires, featuring Cree BetaLED® Technology are recognized throughout the world for excellence. Cree luminaires provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy, and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. In fact, many Cree advancements have shaped what is standard in the LED lighting industry today.

Airport Image Airport Lighting
Improve lighting performance, increase security, lower energy consumption and reduce maintenance expenses.
Reed Lallier Auto Dealership Auto Dealership Lighting

Showcase your dealership and attract more customers with beautiful LED lighting.

Corporate Application Corporate Campus Lighting

Impress visitors and enable employees while lowering your energy and maintenance bills.

James Monroe Elementary Education Facilities Lighting

High-quality LED lighting enhances learning environments and improves visibility and security. 

NASA Government Facilities Lighting

Meet building goals with unmatched energy reduction.

Riverview Hospital Healthcare Facilities Lighting

Enhance your healing spaces with high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Innovative Industrial & Warehouse

Bring energy efficient illumination and long lasting performance to larger spaces.

Municipal Municipal Lighting
Upgrade city street and area lights to LED to increase efficiency, improve light quality, and reduce the carbon footprint.
Parking Application Parking Structure Lighting
Parking structure operators can achieve energy efficiency, impressive lighting performance and an optimal ROI.
Cree Lighting Petroleum and Convenience Stores Petroleum & Convenience Lighting
Attracting customers with improved lighting that creates a safe environment with dramatically better visibility.
Recreation Public Recreation & Public Venue Lighting
Every venue deserves to be illuminated with crisp, white light. Designed for interior and exterior spaces.
CR Series Residential Residential Lighting

Beautiful LED lighting and energy efficient products for your home.

Restaurants and Hospitality Application Restaurant & Hotel Lighting

Instantly Impress Your Guests with Vibrant and Comfortable Spaces 

Retail & Grocery Retail & Grocery Lighting

With Cree, Enhance Your Store Lighting to Turn Browsers into Buyers 

Roadway Lighting Roadway Lighting
Enhance the curb appeal, visibility and safety of any roadway by upgrading existing fixtures to energy-efficient LED.