Pump up the power
in your Ku-Band amps
Cree sets the standard for Ku-Band amplifier performance with our higher power, more efficient solution that beats TWT or GaAs technology.

See the specs and learn how Cree can boost your satcom performance.

Cree Expands 50V GaN HEMT Packaged Family
Cree 50V GaN HEMTs now available in 50-W, 30-W, and 100-W in metal flange and pill package. The unmatched transistors significantly improve the efficiency and bandwidth capabilities of multi-octave-bandwidth amplifiers and a wide range of L- and S-band products.

One GaN HEMT. Endless opportunities for DC-18GHz applications.
Cree GaN HEMT RF devices outperform other technologies and cover more frequency bands per amplifier to lower your capital expenses.
Cree Now Offers a New 200W GaN HEMT for Troposcatter, Satcom and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS)

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